Natural Animal Medicines

What the courses also cover

  • Naturopathic Pet Health Care

    Receive your own Animal Homeopathic Health kit & Booklet.

  • Herbal Medicines & Diet

    Learn Herbal Medicines and application for species type, size and age.

  • Diet & Deficiencies

    Learn about a Healthy Diet, Vitamins and Mineral deficiencies.

  • Applied Kinesiology

    Applied Kinesiology, Biochemic Tissue Salts tonics, Flower Essences.

  • Holistic Support

    Other various animal health modalities, options and holistic support.

  • Animal Behaviour

    Animal Behaviour guide, Touch hands-on therapy on your pet.

Natural Medicines for All Species

  • Highly effective, guaranteed safety, easy application. i.e. ..wildlife
  • Extremely economic and shelf life of storing remedies.
  • Strong historical track record.
  • No chemical residues (side effects).
  • Knowing that homeopathic medicine seem to stimulate the body's natural ability to restore itself, gently & effectively.